Who Are the Brothers in Pen?


Brothers in Pen – 2005. Back row: Tharon Hill, Watani Stiner, Gary Wesley. Front row: Michael Willis, Kenny Brydon, Zoe Mullery, Ernie Laszlo. [photo: Steve Emrick]


Brothers in Pen 2007. Top row: JulianGlenn “Luke” Padgett, Ronin Holmes. Middle row: Ernie Laszlo, Troy Williams, Richard Gilliam, Watani Stiner, Tharon Hill. Front row: Kenny Brydon, Zoe Mullery, Michael Willis.  [photo: Steve Emrick]

2008 October

Brothers in Pen 2008. Seated on left, top to bottom: Ronin Holmes, Jerry Elster, Watani Stiner, Troy Williams, Zoe Mullery. Standing, top to bottom: Michael “Harry-O” Harris, JulianGlenn “Luke” Padgett, Ernie Laszlo, Tharon Hill, Richard Gilliam, Jeff Atkins, Kenny Brydon, Michael Willis.  [photo: Peter Merts]

2008 October

Brothers in Pen 2008. Back row: Watani Stiner, Kenny Brydon, Zoe Mullery, Richard Gilliam, JulianGlenn “Luke” Padgett. Front row: Jerry Elster, Michael “Harry-O” Harris, Ronin Holmes, Ernie Laszlo, Troy Williams, Jeff Atkins, Tharon Hill, Michael Willis. [photo: Peter Merts]


Brothers in Pen 2011. Back row: JulianGlenn “Luke” Padgett, Micheal “Yahya” Cooke, Arnulfo Garcia, Watani Stiner, Michael “Harry-O” Harris. Middle row: Keshun “Daleadamown” Tate, Andrew Gazzeny, Aly Tamboura, Troy Williams. Front row: Kenny Brydon, Zoe Mullery, Juan Haines. [photo: Peter Merts]


Brothers in Pen 2011. Standing, L to R: JulianGlenn “Luke” Padgett, Arnulfo Garcia, Michael “Harry-O” Harris, Aly Tamboura, Andrew Gazzeny, Noble Butler, Troy Williams, Keshun “Daleadamown” Tate, Paul Stauffer. Front row: Micheal “Yahya” Cooke, Juan Haines, Kenny Brydon, Zoe Mullery, Watani Stiner.


Brothers in Pen 2012. Back row:  Jamal Green, Kevin Sawyer, Arnulfo Garcia, Aly Tamboura, JulianGlenn “Luke” Padgett, Noble Butler. Middle row: Jeffrey little, Watani Stiner, David Taylor, Jerome Powell. Second row: Steve Emrick, Andrew Gazzeny, Kris Himmelberger, James Metters, Troy Williams, Kevin Valvardi. Front row: Laurie Brooks, Zoe Mullery, Kenny Brydon, Paul Stauffer, Kimya Humphreys. [photo: Peter Merts]


Brothers in Pen 2013. Back row: JulianGlenn “Luke” Padgett, Andrew Gazzeny, Kevin Sawyer, Kevin Valvardi, Paul Stauffer, Emile DeWeaver, Watani Stiner, James Metters, Micheal “Yahya” Cooke, David Taylor, Jeff Little, Eric Curtis, Rahsaan Thomas, Tommy Winfrey, Noble Butler, Ron Koehler. Front row: Jamal Green, Zoe Mullery, Juan Haines, Kenny Brydon, Charles “Talib” Brooks, Aly Tamboura, Kris Himmelberger, Jerome Powell.   [photo: Peter Merts]


Brothers in Pen 2014. Back row: JulianGlenn “Luke” Padgett, Ron Koehler, Watani Stiner, Arnulfo Garcia, James Metters, David Taylor, Juan Haines, Emile DeWeaver, Micheal “Yahya” Cooke, Eric Curtis,  J. “Cali Killa Clown” Medvin, Wayne Boatwright, Lawrence Udukobraye Pela. Middle: Juan Haines, Zoe Mullery, Kevin Sawyer, Paul Stauffer.  Front: Michael Calvin Holmes, Kevin Valvardi, Kenny Brydon, Rahsaan Thomas, Aly Tamboura, Michael Zell. [photo: Peter Merts]


Brothers in Pen 2015. Back row: Noble Butler, Kevin Valvardi, Rahsaan Thomas, Eric Curtis, Kenny Brydon, Adnan Khan, Emile DeWeaver, Kevin Sawyer. Middle row: Lawrence Udukobraye Pela, Joe Krauter, James Metters, Paul Stauffer, J. “Cali Killa Clown” Medvin, David Taylor, Micheal “Yahya” Cooke, Wayne Boatright. Front row: Steve Emrick, Ron Koehler, Michael Calvin Holmes, Zoe Mullery, Juan Haines.  [photo: Peter Merts]


Brothers in Pen 2016. Back row: Kevin Sawyer, Alex Briggs, Wayne Boatwright, Micheal “Yahya” Cooke, J. “Cali Killa Clown” Medvin, David Taylor, Damon Cook, Mike Larsen, Lawrence Udukobraye Pela, Rahsaan Thomas. Middle row: Michael Calvin Holmes, Zoe Mullery, Kenny Brydon, Noble Butler, Paul Stauffer, Juan Haines. Kneeling: James Bottomley, Joseph Krauter, Kevin Valvardi, James Metters, Emile DeWeaver, Michael Zell.   [photo: Peter Merts]

I have not done a good job over the years of keeping up this site. It has been brought to my attention that I have posted more about some people than others, neglected some people and occasions completely, and have been extremely haphazard in what and when I post.

One thought was to make a page of everyone who is currently in the Brothers in Pen Creative Writing Class, with each person’s bio, a photo portrait by our faithful and talented photographer friend, Peter Merts, and a link to the story read aloud in the November 2016 public reading.

That page is now complete, and you can take a look at it here–or access it from the sidebar.


About Brothers In Pen

Brothers in Pen is the collective name of the Wednesday Night Creative Writing Class at San Quentin State Prison facilitated by Zoe Mullery.
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