John Brown’s Body lives on

Screen Shot 2019-02-16 at 6.08.44 PMIn 2002, director Joe De Francisco produced a single performance of the play John Brown’s Body at San Quentin, after nearly three years of rehearsals under extremely difficult conditions. The performance entered legend status. (I am sad to say that I heard about the performance at the time and had no idea what a powerful and historic moment I could have experienced firsthand. I still regret it.) In 2013, Joe released the moving documentary John Brown’s Body at San Quentin Prison to much acclaim. He has now made available for free the film of the entire original performance. Both the documentary about the play and the play itself are so worth watching. You can find both on his website along with a study guide.

Four out of the nine cast members are alums of the creative writing class: J.B. Wells, Larry Miller, Ronin Holmes, and Noble Butler. JB and Noble were both present at our first Brothers in Pen Reunion last October. Ronin, I hear, is at Solano where he continues to perform Shakespeare and, I hope, write stories, and I’d love to hear from Larry Miller again, who had poetry in our very first anthology. Larry?

John Browns Body guys

About Brothers In Pen

Brothers in Pen is the collective name of the Wednesday Night Creative Writing Class at San Quentin State Prison facilitated by Zoe Mullery.
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  1. says:

    This is interesting in that John Brown fired the shot which triggered , America’s ” FIRST” civil race war in the year 1859 at Harpers Fairy Arsenal ! RACE is an extremely lethal subject matter for all Staff and Inmates throughout our CORRUPT Penitentiary system ! STREET POLITICIANS are playing with this SOCIAL INSTIGATED EVIL ? Like a Cat with a mouse ! THERE WILL BE BLOOD !

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