Some Stories by SQ Writers

From time to time, in between anthologies, we will be posting stories for your reading pleasure by men in the class.

Please feel free to read and share these stories; however, they are copyrighted to the authors so please respect that and do not infringe the copyrights by reproducing them in large quantities or publishing them without asking first permission via this site at

Your comments and questions about the stories are most welcome.

The Trees by Rodney Scott

Clothes Make the Man by Micheal “Yahya” Cooke. Cooke Clothes Make the Man

The Unexpected by Juan Haines

Consensus of Death by Kenny Brydon

Rat’s Ass by Kenny Brydon (published in the book Prison Noir edited by Joyce Carol Oates)


Excerpts for Alcatraz Project (2017) The Prison Arts Project (William James Association) at San Quentin participated in an art installation on Alcatraz entitled Connection Lost: Families Unraveled by Prison. Excerpts from the Creative Writing class’ stories were blown up poster-size and displayed around the prison.

1 Response to Some Stories by SQ Writers

  1. Ciera-Jevae T Gordon says:

    My name is Ciera Gordon and I am a graduate student at CCA, and I am looking to get in touch with someone who works with this writing program. We have a literary magazine, and we are looking to publish poetry for incarcerated poets. Please feel free to contact me.

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